At ‘Our Countryside Rocks!’ we have created a fantastic day out for the whole family, and we haven’t forgotten the dog; who of course is part of the family.

We know that your canine companion enjoys a fantastic day out in the countryside as much as you do. That’s why we’ve created a whole feature zone dedicated to dogs. With a host of dog friendly activities, watering holes and safe spaces to run around and have a blast, whether you are an experienced trainer with working dogs or simply someone who loves spending time with your dog ‘Our Countryside Rocks!’ has something for every dog lover!

Start the day with a challenging but fun activity with the Up and Over dog agility. Dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy this, even the bigger dog breeds. Agility is both a physically and mentally stimulating activity, making a fantastic way to exercise and bond with your dog. They will love the excitement of running through tunnels, up and over jumps and weaving in and out of poles. This can also be a great activity to build your dog’s confidence and help focus some of that bubbling energy. Come and give it a go and you might just find your new pastime.

Perhaps instead of testing your dog’s agility and dexterity you just want to see flat out speed. Fly ball offers a perfect opportunity for you and your dog to test your speed skills in a time trial. It’s very simple, your dog must run and jump over 3 hurdles, retrieve the ball and run back. Fly ball is available to all breeds, shapes and sizes. It offers a fantastic opportunity for you to socialize with your dog and tackle a new hobby together. Don’t have a dog? Sit back and watch the pro’s in awe with how fast and precise their dogs compete.

We all know how much our dogs love to take a swim at every opportunity, not always to our approval. Well now you can combine a sprint, jump and swim all in one. Take on the K9 Aqua Sports dock diving. Let your dog run and see how far they can leap into  the pool. Its open to every size, breed and ability and offers amazing entertainment and fun for everyone.

Search and Rescue associations are voluntary, charitable organizations responsible for the training and deployment of search and rescue dogs to search for thousands of vulnerable missing persons each year. Come and learn all about the vital service they offer and find out about how you can get involved. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and this has also been put to use in the art of mantrailing. Mantrailing harnesses the acute sense of smell to follow a scent without outside distractions, while there is a serious side, it is also a fantastic game of detective to play with your dog. This can create a special bond between you and your dog, come and give it a go and speak to people with the inside knowledge on how to get started.

And of course, the Dogs Trust will be bringing along their ‘Dog School’ too. The Dogs trust bring along experienced trainers, with the aim to provide high quality friendly advice, offering fun and educational classes helping you form life-long bonds with your dog.

And just when you thought you had done it all… there’s more! If Fido doesn’t enjoy large open spaces with other dogs, we have dedicated fenced arenas where you can let him run off some steam! Book in and let Fido run free for ten minutes, blowing off all that excitement! Plus, if you have more energy than Fido, you can pop him in the doggy day creche while you head out for a coffee and a spot of retail therapy!

‘Our Countryside Rocks!’ truly has something for every kind of dog. From fun and interactive activities to understanding how dogs play, a vital role in their everyday life. Bring your dog along and have a great day out together!

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